This is BIG people…if you take nothing else away but this piece of advice, your closet will thank you! Now, I’m not advocating that you drop lots of moolah on hangers, unless you want to splurge on those fancy wooden ones and then I say go for it!  Personally, I have those classic, white, plastic hangers in my closet, but that’s probably because I tend to spend waaay too much money on champagne, theater tickets, and actual clothes to afford nice hangers, but that’s just me. Either way, decide on a hanger and then use it for all of your clothes. Nothing pulls a closet together quicker than unified hangers.

These are the ones I use for Blushing Sparrow. You can get a pack of 50 for $20.99. I absolutely love them!!



                There are 2 reasons to color coordinate. One, it’s visually appealing! You might even be surprised at what colors you own the most of or what colors are lacking in your closet. Two, I find that housing similar colors together, makes creating an outfit a lot easier. If I want to pair a pink top with white denim, I don’t have to sort through half my closet to find a pink top. I simply go to the “pink” section of my closet and voila, there it is! This trick saves SO much time!



                Sounds DRAMATIC huh!? BUT…this is a critical step. If you haven’t’ worn it in a year, give it away. If it has stains or holes, toss it. Trust me, you aren’t going to be looking for it in 6 months.



                We all have those items that could use a storage bin. I’m talking, belts, scarves, purses, t-shirts or anything else that “lives” in your closet that always ends up in a messy pile. I keep purses in one, casual tees in one and bathing suits in another, because I tend to have more of those items, than can fit in my dresser space. Here’s one from Amazon that I love. They come in lots of different colors too.



                This is YOUR space and personally I believe every part of your home should bring you joy and be functional so, add that cozy chair, inspirational quote, framed picture, jewelry board, or whatever feels good to you.


On the left is of my friend’s closets that I’ve helped organize, as well as, my own on the right. I hope it gives you inspiration and if you want help, message me. No, seriously… I get super excited to organize closets. I’ll come!!

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