Put thought into your outfit

One of the greatest things about style is that it’s an expression of your individuality. Don’t waste those moments! Your style can give you a voice without saying a word. When I put on certain clothes, I get new energy. My Grandmother always put thought into her outfits. I never once saw her just throw something on, even if she was only running errands. I don’t mean to say that she had to be dressed up, but she always took the time to piece an outfit together that she thought was presentable and represented HER.

Don’t be afraid of color

My Grandmother LOVED pink and purple and wore those colors on many occasions, head to toe in fact, which makes me smile at the memory. I learned from watching her that you should wear colors that bring YOU joy. So wear that red or hot pink with a pop of yellow if you want! Life is meant to be lived!

Femininity, it’s not a bad word

                Now, let me start by saying that I 100% believe that each person should be authentic to themselves, so if ruffles and lace are not your thing, I’m not saying it should be. What I am saying is that for a little girl that, according to my mother, refused to wear anything but dresses until the age of 9, being made to feel like it was acceptable to embracing my womanliness was a powerful lesson in becoming who I am. I am a girlie girl at heart and I love everything that lets me express that part of myself.

Accessories for that added spark

          Necklaces, yes please, scarfs, oh yea, belts, why of course. My Grandmother had accessories to boot and wasn’t afraid to use them. I must stay I am a bit more conservative in my accessory use, but I love that she showed me how adding just a small touch could instantly change your outfit. Lately, I’ve been trying to “play” more with accessories, such as, belting a kimono or adding layers of bracelets or even carrying a brightly colored clutch with my outfit. Accessories are like the toppings to an ice cream sundae. You don’t NEED them, but you can’t deny that it’s not more fun when they’re there.


 This is my Grandmother, Lila. She was a housewife all of her life and would have never dreamed her granddaughter would be writing a piece regarding her fashion sense, but she had a style and grace that I will always remember. 


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