Blushing Sparrow’s Favorite Things (outside of fashion)


I always like finding out what makes people smile a little bigger. What are the things that add a bit more sunshine to your day when you come across them? Here’s a few of mine…

DOGS…any size, any breed. They just make my heart do a happy dance when I come across them. I love how dogs exhibit pure joy by living in the moment. This is a great lesson for us humans.


CRÈME BRULEE…sounds fancy, oui, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Classic crème brulee only has 4 ingredients and can be whipped up in minutes (hit me up for that recipe). Plus, how can you beat a dessert that involves getting to use a small fire torch that turns everyday sugar into crunchy, caramelized, heaven in your mouth.


BOOKS, BOOKS, and MORE BOOKS…many of you know, that I’m a teacher by day and while there are lots of things I want to teach my small learners, a love of reading is at the top of my list. There are endless worlds to explore, facts to uncover and characters to befriend between the covers of a book. Some of my all-time favorites are, To Kill A Mockingbird and The Great Gatsby. Currently I’m reading Greg Isles’ Mississippi Blood, it’s quite the page turner.


WATER…not drinking it, although I do try to do that too, but being near water, especially salt water, although I’ll take lakes and rivers as well. There is something so relaxing about water. The way it moves or sits placid. The way it can be calm and powerful. When life presents obstacles …I always go to the water and become still.


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